Analytics at Direxions

In addition to our regular consultative analytics, we specialize in analytics product suites bringing our wide experience at your fingertips.

Why analytics product suites?

Product suites help you immediately identify and plan macro and micro strategies based on various relevant and interactive permutations and combinations of data and insights – literally offering analytics on tap . Two major advantages of switching to products instead of the regular static reports are the ease of use and having all information and insights in one place and available at all times. All our products are usable on the go, so the right people are equipped with the right information at the right time!

We currently offer two analytics product suites, one for channel and the other for retail.

Chanelitix – Channel Analytics suite

The Channel Analytics suite takes in your wholesale/dealer transaction data and at a click of a few buttons gives you the ability to dive deep into region-wise, brand and category-wise information and trends, drilling down to the smallest unit/SKU and offering various inter-related one-views.  It also helps you track achievements of dealers and sales teams by brand/category and region.
We also offer a rapid segmentation module to help you quickly decide your macro and micro strategies to help achieve your targets the suite will quickly enable you to hone on both current and potential opportunities and problem areas.

Chanelitix is a very useful tool for decision-making at all levels, for companies that have a distribution chain – be they distributors, dealers, wholesalers, resellers, retailers general trade or modern trade.

DRAS – Direxions Retail Analytics suite

We have developed a very intuitive retail analytics suite, based on profile and transaction data, that gives summary one-views for each store, customer, brands and categories.
We provide a segmentation module that allows you to define the kind of segments you are interested in viewing and targeting for specific macro and micro-campaigns.
We also offer a campaign module (both ATL & BTL) that will calculate the performance of each campaign – both short term and long term, and help you quickly decide what works and what doesn’t.

The retail suite will be very useful for the brand, category managers, business heads, retail operations and even store managers.

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